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* Mybelgium - Lien : http://my.belgium.be/login.html?

Portail général donnant accès aux principaux services publics électroniques


* Tax On Web - Lien : www.taxonweb.be

Déclaration fiscale électronique


* Police On Web - Lien : https://policeonweb.belgium.be

Plainte en ligne 24h/24, avis d'absence...


* MyPension - Lien : www.onprvp.fgov.be/fr/

Consultation de son dossier de pension, évolution...


* Social Security - Lien : https://www.socialsecurity.be/

Portail Sécurité Sociale en Belgique




Autres applications...


* Mutualités en Belgique

Consultation de son dossier, ses remboursements...





La carte d'identité électronique, parfois désignée par l'anglicisme electronic IDentity (eID), est un type de carte d'identité mise en place dans de nombreux pays. Celle-ci est constituée d’une carte à puce qui contient toutes les informations nécessaires et apparentes sur les anciennes.

En Belgique, la carte d'identité électronique est une carte à puce de même format qu'une carte bancaire. Elle est disponible en Belgique depuis 2002. En 2006, une carte du même type a été instaurée pour les enfants de moins de 12 ans : la Kids-ID.

Ces cartes sont conformes à la norme ISO/IEC 7816 (en).



The French national identity card (Carte nationale d’identité sécurisée or CNIS) is an official non-compulsory identity document consisting of a laminated plastic card bearing a photograph, name and address.

Identity cards, valid for a period of 10 years, are issued by the local préfecture, sous-préfecture, mairie (in France) or in any French Embassy (abroad) and are free of charge. A fingerprint of the holder is taken, which is stored in paper files and which can only be accessed by a judge in closely defined circumstances. A central database duplicates the information on the card, but strict laws limit access to the information and prevent it being linked to other databases or records.

The cards may be used to verify identity and nationality and may also be used for travel within the European Union and certain other countries instead of a passport. The cards are widely used for other purposes - for example when opening a bank account, or when making a payment by cheque.


Enabling legislation for the British national identity card was passed under the Identity Cards Act 2006. The multi-billion pound scheme has yet to enter procurement. The cards will have a lesser role than the database they are linked to, which is known as the National Identity Register (NIR). The Act specifies fifty categories of information that the NIR can hold on each citizen, including up to 10 fingerprints, digitised facial scan and iris scan, current and past UK and overseas places of residence of all residents of the UK throughout their lives and indices to other Government databases — which would allow them to be connected. The legislation also says that any further information can be added.

The legislation further says that those renewing or applying for passports must be entered on to the NIR. It is expected that this will happen soon after the UK Passport Service, which has now been renamed the Identity and Passport Service (IPS), start interviewing passport applicants to verify their identity. Various degrees of concern about the scheme have been expressed by human rights lawyers, activists, security professionals and IT experts.



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